EL5K Navigational Switch Modules

Eledis EL5K Navigational Switch Modules


Eledis is pleased to introduce the new EL5K series of Navigational Switch Modules. The modules consist of 5 switches mounted on a PCB with industry standard connector. A pre- terminated interconnecting wiring loom and compatible PCB header are available.

Eledis EL5K Navigational Switch Modules: Five switch PCB modules, with or without illumination, for up, down, left & right navigation with centre “enter” or “on/off” function switch. Switches rated at 1,000,000 life cycles for optimum reliability. Standard printed or customer laser etched legends are available upon request. Switch ratings are 50mA @ 12VDC with an operating force of 300gf +/- 50gf.

Applications for these modules are typically as follows:-

* Ticketing machines
* Instruments and medical apparatus
* Equipment for disabled people
* Security, e.g. surveillance
* Machine and process control equipment
* Marine control equipment
* Audio, video/broadcast, general lighting and stagecraft

Mounting should be made to the rear of the front panel using suitable fasteners (not supplied) and spacer supports which are supplied in two different lengths to give the required clearance from the back of the panel. The switch arrays are available with non-illuminated printed legends, or laser engraved illuminated legends in various colours of both switch cap and LED. Custom engraved legends are also available upon request. The EL5K series is an exciting addition to our already broad range of man/machine interface switches.